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The Inui & Kaidoh LJ Fan Community

putting your puzzles apart
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The fan community for the Inui/Kaidoh pairing, from Prince of Tennis anime, manga and musicals.

Welcome to inu_kai, the community for fans of Inui, Kaidoh, and of course, the InuKai pairing.

All the past posts are archived in the Community's Memories, which are carefully maintained by our official librarian, disutansu. In there you can find every fanfic and fanart posted, all the media and doujinshi shared... the Memories are your best friend when you need to find a post you've seen but don't remember when, or even when you feel like immersing in InuKai-land for hours and don't know where to go - they're here for you, so use them well.

The moderator of this community is dimmie. Any questions about posting policies, problems with joining, incidents with other members, or... well, just about anything you need me for, please do mail me at dimmie(@)gmail(.)com and I'll get back to you asap.

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01. ALL posts must be labeled accordingly like this:

[FIC] title - by author
[ART] title - by artist
[DOJINSHI] title - by artist

and so on. Use the subject field, or you will be asked to edit your post with proper labeling. Refusal to do so may have the post deleted. An explanation on why this rule is so can be found in this ADMIN post.

02. Fanfiction, fanart, any graphics (including icons, wallpapers, screencaps), long rants and potentially offensive material must either be posted behind an LJ-cut or linked to. Fake LJ-cuts are NOT allowed - either use a real cut to a post within the community or a normal link if referring to outside places.
- if you don't know how to make an LJ-cut, consult the proper LiveJournal FAQ
- if you don't know what a fake LJ-cut is, don't bother learning, you're better off without them.

03. Introductions, one-liners, quizzes and unrelated questions are not allowed. Questions like "what episode is that?", "where do I get subs", "when does this happen?" are completely out of base here. This kind of unrelated thing can easily be found on Google The Mighty. Note however, that this is not about on topic debate/speculation questions of the "do you think Inui knew about this?", "why does Kaidoh do that?" or "what's the origin of Inui's bracelet?" kind. Pertinent questions that start interesting discussion on the characters, the dynamics of the relationship, canon vs fanon, etc, are always more than welcome. (from this ADMIN post).

04. The key in this community is common courtesy - make useful posts people will want to read; share your wealth with fanworks, interesting links, downloads, anything related to Inui, Kaidoh and Inukai; respect other members and don't start wank/flame wars; use you common sense. Play nice and we'll all enjoy the ride.

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You probably know the standard template of headers for fanfic/fanart posts already, so we'll just cite the absolutely necessary ones:

Title: title of your work - this must be in the subject line as well.
Author/Artist: your name or pen name.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 - when in doubt, raise the rating to be on the safe side.
Warnings: put all the warnings you can think of, especially if there are non-consensual, illicit (drug or alcohol abuse) or potentially offensive topics.
Summary: a very short summary of what it is about.

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Kaidoh's Family » Kaidoh's family: father Shibuki, mother Hozumi and younger brother Hazue. What little we are shown in the one scene they appear is rather nice people who seem to work well as a family.

Inui's Family » Inui's family: one of the Great Incognitos of Seigaku. We know a little bit about everyone's family, except for Inui's. Nothing is said about them anywhere, so it's entirely up to fandom to interpret that as we wish.

Momoshiro » Momoshiro Takeshi: Seigaku 2nd year; Kaidoh's #1 rival and most likely to become his best friend in the future. Their personalities are completely different, their paths go on completely opposite directions, and there are many blurry undertones to their rivalry, but it's very obvious they care about each other on some level. It could be the beginning of a brilliant friendship, if they ever get over themselves.

Yanagi » Yanagi Renji: Rikkai 3rd year; Inui's #1 rival and former best friend. Their intense reunion/revenge match at the end of Kantou Tournament is Inui's most brilliant moment in both manga and anime versions. From the end of that match, it looks that they're ready to bury the past and save what's left of their friendship - which should be great for Inui, since Yanagi seems to be the only one who really understands his antics, on that "it takes a geek to know the other" way.

Karupin » Karupin: Ryoma's cat, and arguably the True Love of Kaidoh's Life, much to Inui's distress.

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InuKai is love.