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[ART] InuKai x2 - by 52WK
fiddery wrote in inu_kai
Title: "yes, senpai" and "i missed you"
Author/Artist: 52WK
Rating: G/PG?
Warnings: just some emotional hugging
Summary: I rediscovered my hardcore love for tenipuri this summer. Back when I first got into tenipuri (5+ years ago) I wasn't even drawing at the time, but now I can contribute my own fanwork. I love Inui/Kaidoh, they have always been my OTP, so it makes me extremely happy that I'm at the point where I can draw them how I like. T OT. I want to draw more of them (and maybe even attempt a fancomic??? if I stop being so lazy.)


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Sweet! It's always the best of surprises to see new and really good Inu/Kai art posted! <3 <3

Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad that you feel this way~. I'm also happy to share the inukai love~

*squeeing like no tomorrow*

...which is pretty bad seeing as it's 3am...

Thank you for sharing >_<"~ <333

It's brightened the day/night and totally inspiring one (i.e.: me) to get off one's ass and draw/write moar fanwerk n_n";;

hahaha I also squee when I see them together SIGHHH I just love them so much. I want to draw them more, XD.

I keep imagining their future lives as a (married) couple hahahhaa.

this Pics are..........wonderfull *___*

the one at the airport(?) reminds me of my fanfiction i currently writing *__*
(but to a chapter veeeery far in the future xD)

ahhh thank you! yesss, it is at an airport (or at least inspired by arrival/departure scenes)
T 3T I love the idea of them in the future (as a married couple kind of relationship hahahah) in a scene like this!

I hope to read your fanfiction (especially the scene like this!) XD. I haven't really tried to hunt down fanfics lately.

You're welcome ^^
Ah XD I see so many airports lately, it reminded me immediately xD
Me too x3

Oh thank you xD
in my FF Kaidoh will go to a Sports School (or so, i don't know how i should describe ist >,<) in England. The Two will be 1 Year without eachother Dx T__T

Unfortunately, I write in German .__. (i'm from Switzerland x"D)
i asked a friend if i should translate my Story to english, but she said it would lose its heart, if i do so .___.
but I'll still upload the story here and then simply hope that someone can read it x"D

oohhh I see, XD I can't read german. maybe you can upload it anyways XDDD.

Ohhh I love this idea of Kaidoh studying abroad. T OT, that's exactly the same feelings that I had in the airport picture. I hope you finish your fanfic =)

okay xD

me too x3
thank you :3 i'm triing my best ^-^b
the funny thing is, i writing a InuiKaidoh FF for an Atobe xD (she has the "Aura" of Atobe xD)

Ahh! why haven't I seen these until now? They are so lovely! Hope to see more inukai art from you :)

Hugging! I love how you draw these two - so very lovely. I adore the backgrounds too, especially in the second pic. The people waiting in the airport, reading/listening to music, the child staring out the window, the shadow of the window on the floor...♥

wow, so... I'm almost a year late on this, but this is great! :D

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